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TIM HALEY - Architect - AIA

Tim decided in college while taking an Ancient Architecture course as a history elective to follow the same career path as his parents, aspiring one day to become an entrepreneur and to start his own firm.  Growing up in Danville California with his father as a Contractor / Developer and his mother as an Interior Designer - construction was always in his blood.  In high school, Tim wanted at first to become an aerospace engineer.  He even obtained his pilots license after he graduated.  After switching his major in college Tim realized that real work experience was just as important and should be pursued in tandem with his education.

Since 1986 Tim has been working for various architectural firms in the Bay Area and in San Francisco.  This work experience has encompassed various aspects of the industry including Land Planning, Landscape Architecture, Lighting and Interior Design in addition to his primary focus in Architecture.  Various types of projects have been worked on including wineries, monasteries, resorts, live-work projects, retail, multi-family and single family housing.

Tim became an architect and a member of the AIA then founded Impluvium Architecture in the year 2000.  Impluvium – a term from ancient Rome – is a courtyard with a water feature.  Allowing living space to flow and interact between the indoors and outdoors is something that Tim has pursued not only in his professional experience but also through his extensive travels in Asia and Europe.  Voula (his wife) is from Greece and their frequent extended visits to Europe have broadened his appreciation of traditional design developed over generations and how it can be applied in a contemporary context.  This foundation has developed not just by visiting as a tourist, but by walking the ancient ruins, traditional villages, contemporary museums and various projects while living there for a few months of the year.

It's not just studying history first hand or experiencing modern buildings however, Tim has discovered that projects must be inspired by the owner’s life and must also be informed by the context of the site for the project.  Instead of presenting something to a client and convincing them that his is what they are trying to achieve, Tim draws out the design from the owner’s experiences and travels.  This makes the process of design an interactive and educational experience for everyone involved in the project.  Architecture is creating something that has meaning and can last.  Being an architect is not about handing over a project and moving onto the next one – it is about making sure that the project will be cherished and cared for by its owners and everyone that experiences it for years and even for generations.

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