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Allowing living space to flow and interact between the indoors and outdoors is something that Tim has pursued not only in his professional experience but also through his extensive travels in Asia and Europe. Frequent extended visits to Europe have broadened his appreciation of traditional design developed over generations and how it can be applied in a contemporary context. This foundation has developed not just by visiting as a tourist, but by walking the ancient ruins, traditional villages, contemporary museums and various projects while living there for a few months of the year.

Have been working with Tim and his partner Cesar on the master design for our weekend property in Solano for a couple of months now. Having a great time - they are thoughtful, patient, responsive, listen to our ideas, come back with creative suggestions, going beyond what we originally proposed. Appreciate the fact that Tim also helps with other activities - evaluating surveyors etc. Also like it that they are adjusting to our pace - rapid turnaroudn when we ask for it, patient when we are busy at work. So far, very happy with how things are going, can't wait to get to the final product!