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Tim became an architect and a member of the AIA then founded Impluvium Architecture in the year 2000. Impluvium – a term from ancient Rome – is a courtyard with a water feature.

Allowing living space to flow and interact between the indoors and outdoors is something that Tim has pursued not only in his professional experience but also through his extensive travels in Asia and Europe. Frequent extended visits to Europe have broadened his appreciation of traditional design developed over generations and how it can be applied in a contemporary context. This foundation has developed not just by visiting as a tourist, but by walking the ancient ruins, traditional villages, contemporary museums and various projects while living there for a few months of the year.

Tim also has a number of modern projects as well including Impluvium's new home office. See for Impluvium's current projects (Tim also created as a business network site).

How We Work


It's not just studying history first hand or experiencing modern buildings, however, Tim has discovered that projects must be inspired by the owner’s life and must also be informed by the context of the site for the project. Instead of presenting something to a client and convincing them that his concept is what they are trying to achieve, Tim draws out the design from the owner’s experiences and travels. This makes the process of design an interactive and educational experience for everyone involved in the project. Architecture is creating something that has meaning and can last. Being an architect is not about handing over a project and moving onto the next one – it is about making sure that the project will be cherished and cared for by its owners and everyone that experiences it for years and even for generations.


Tim & I became acquainted on one of his initial Impluvium projects and immediately I was impressed with the quality of his drawings (legibility, organization and completion) upon submittal to our structural engineering office [quality "backgrounds" create a foundation for quality plans]. Over the years, I've enjoyed receiving his plans...Tim creates usable interior spaces that blend effortlessly to exterior spaces and the environment beyond...each an individual expression built around the site and his client expectations. In our +30 years structurally designing custom estates for countless architects, we seen cookie-cutter "H", traditional stucco/tile McMansions with no character, bathrooms opening to dining rooms, etc. as well as struggled with incomplete or migrating architectural plans....all that does is damage the entire industry. Impluvium Architectural has always delivered quality unique work that is reflective of his clients needs and conscientious of the site potential.Read More

Tim designed a home for us on the golf course at Copper Valley in Copperopolis, California in 2003. We are still here and we still very much love our home. We would definitely use Tim again should we ever decide to build a new house. He's extremely creative, very professional and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend using Tim!Read More

Tim has designed some of the very best homes in our gated community at Copper Valley, formerly Saddle Creek in Copperopolis, CA Representing new land owners who want a custom home, Tim is the person we send them too. He takes a lot of pride in his work and mostly designs around the customers lifestyle. When his homes do become resales, we are proud to offer them for sale. Highly recommended if you want a timeless signature home designed. P:S he is friendly too!Read More

Tim is a great architect, he helped build my custom home in Pleasanton, CA and was great to work with and helped me through the entire process. Solid recommendation for anyone looking for a quality architect.Read More

I am a realtor who has worked with Tim repeatedly, and I currently have a house on the market that Tim designed. This home is a work of art, simply stunning. My photographers (who see even more properties than I do) declared it to be "the most beautiful kitchen" they had ever seen. Tim is enthusiastic and easy to work with, always supportive and high energy. it is always a pleasure to hear about his projects, and a special treat when I can get a tour!Read More

I have worked with Tim for several years now, going back to each of our roots before starting our own companies. He has always been easy to work with, and that starts with having great communication. As an engineering consultant, it is crucial to have clear and honest communication. In addition to coming up with creative and beautiful designs, he has the awareness, understanding, and forethought for the constructibility aspect of houses as well. That not only makes my job as engineer easier, but ultimately saves time and money for the client. Tim has been a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to many more years of working together.Read More

I am a soil engineer and have been working on common projects with Tim for more that two decades. I have worked on many of Tim's projects and always impressed with his design and details. Tim designed the most challenging projects especially on hillsides. If I may mention on one of the very challenging steep upslope sites that one would think cutting into the hill at least for the driveway and garage with major retaining walls Tim came out with a spectacular design basically transforming the site in his design into a down slope avoiding all major excavation and construction of major retaining walls. I always had pleasure working with Tim and always impressed with the way he managed his projects from the early stages of the design until the completion of the project. Tim is highly recommended.Read More

Tim Haley is a true professional. Not only is he an exceptional architect, but he is also someone who works efficiently and effectively when partnering with colleagues. I have had the privilege to work with Tim on a few projects, and I look forward to future collaborations with him. It is always a pleasure!Read More

I could not agree more with the other reviews; all different but with a consistent theme: Tim is highly professional, talented, easy to work with, ego-less, and an indispensable part of the team. For us, that’s all very important, but not the clincher. We were referred to Tim by our Interior Designer after hearing about our frustrations with another “big city” architectural firm that approached our project like a job instead of a journey. With Tim, we have partner who approaches each project like his first; bringing an authentic sense of excitement and enthusiasm for us to achieve our “dream house.” Along the way, he has drawn on his extensive background and experience (he thinks like a builder) to offer creative ideas to make our plans more interesting, efficient, or better. His pragmatic approach allows him to both push our creative thinking but also pump the brakes when necessary. It’s exactly what we’ve needed. Tim listens, asks insightful questions, provides constructive feedback, then delivers. He has been instrumental in guiding all aspects of our major undertaking to complete a fantastic design that captures our vision – all at a very reasonable price. At this point we’re in for permits and looking forward to building soon. It’s comforting to know that Tim is on the team and will continue to be a trusted advisor as we continue this journey.Read More

Not only is Tim Haley an exceptional architect and the consummate professional, but he is also someone who truly listens, without ego, to understand the objectives and goals of his clients and colleagues. He is an extremely pleasant individual to work with, easy-going, and a hard worker. We have had the privilege to work with Tim on several occasions, and we look forward to many more future collaborations. It is always a pleasure!Read More